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Natural  sites

Discover many natural sites to visit:

The natural reserve of Ramières of fauna and flora of Drôme
The Druise Waterfall, Battle Pass
The jump of the Drôme, the Claps
The rousset pass, the Vercors Nature Park
The valley of Roanne to Nyons by the water of the Oule

Since the visit of the natural reserve of the ramières of the Drome valley to the mouth of the drome until the jump of the Drôme, claps: the valley is rich of mountains and rivers and natural curiosities.

The syncline of the 3 beaks, the forest of saou, the throats of omblèze, the cascade of the druise, the canyon of the hounds, the Saillans, the Roanne gorges and its turquoise basins, the waterfalls of the aquamarine, the rocks of Chironne, the Glandasse, the creek of archiane, the throats of Gats, the deborah lollipops, so many curiosities that will not tire you.

Autres Région and its surroundings


From the Crest dungeon, to St Médard and St Christophe chapels, from Léoncel Abbey to Valcroissant abbey, from the high perched villages of the Drome, history has left its mark. Clairette cellars, Picodon’s goat cheese, honey and lavender distillery, local breweries, potters, soap factories, all the typical markets, organic products, you will not leave without […]



There is something for all ages and tastes: Mini acroparc and tree climbing, canyonning via ferrata, climbing, paragliding. Ski resorts designed for summer recreation. Bike tours, mountain biking, scooter. Many hikes all levels. Horse rides, donkeys, carriages. Some fishing. Canoeing, archery, gliding A nautical base equipped for paddleboarding, wakeboarding in Vercheny: